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Gick med: 27 jan. 2022


Trance Player Team Lead and Resident DJ for Exist in Sound.

I have been a lover of dance and specifically trance music for over 25 years. After raising a family I finally found the time to teach myself to DJ and have not looked back. I mix multiple genres but it is uplifting trance that brings me the most joy and where my true passion lies. I like to theme my mixes with dedications to my favourite artists, sub-genre sets or life events that inspire me at the time.

My main sets are high energy and I love to play at the 132-140 bpm range but I do like to slow down from time to time and explore other styles.

I am proud to be part of the exist in sound team and produce fresh weekly mixes premiered every Tuesday on Tranceplayer with the replays posted soon after on my mixcloud channel.


  • Team Lead
    Team Lead
    Tranceplayer Team Lead | Resident DJ
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