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Tranceplayer Ep 88 | Upcoming Releases & Best in Trance


Tranceplayer Episode 87 | New & Unreleased Trance

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💿EMIOL - Serpentine

05.10.24 [Interplay Records]

💿Audrius Bass - Fields

05.30.24 Beatport - 06.13.24 all stores [Progressive Vibes]

💿Nuclear (Original Mix) - Twonot

06.03.24 Beatport 06.17.24 all stores [Progressive Vibes]

💿Silverhead - Silverback

05.30.24 Beatport - 06.13.24 all stores [Progressive Vibes]

💿Ali Mohtashami, PITTARIUS CODE, Re:Mark, Angelika Borof - Backstabbed

05.10.24 [Interplay Records]

💿Physical Phase- Blood Moon

05.30.24 Beatport - 06.13.24 all stores [Progressive Vibes]

💿DMPV, ANVELD - Leggero

05.10.24 [Interplay Records]

Track List:

The Spaceship (Extended Mix) - Vasily Goodkov

Serpentine (Extended Mix) - EMIOL

Fields (Original Mix) - Audrius Bass

Nuclear (Original Mix) - Twonot

Silverback - Silverhead

Backstabbed (Extended Mix) - Ali Mohtashami, PITTARIUS CODE, Re:Mark, Angelika Borof

Blood Moon - Physical Phase

Shamed (Extended Mix) - TRYEALITY

Space Walk (Extended Mix) - Kataploks

Rigel (Extended Mix) - Solewaas

Roses & Thorns (Extended Mix) - MaRLo, Linney

Horizons (Extended Mix) - Blue Sector, Asier

Orkaan (Extended Mix) - Ben Gold

Leggero (Extended Mix) - DMPV, ANVELD

Limit Break (Extended Mix) - Project Ketsui

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