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Tranceplayer Ep 90 | Upcoming Releases & Best in Trance


Tranceplayer Episode 90 | New & Unreleased Trance | 10AM MAY 24 @

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About Dubby:

"A healthy alternative to energy boosting for music, sports, study, or gaming." - Reza


💿Airbas - Arcade Safari

05.24.24 [Interplay Records]

💿Juan Almiñana Obando - Chance

05.31.24 [Sundance Recordings]

💿Mike Zaloxx - Along

05.24.24 [Interplay Records]

💿Sergey Salekhov, Aleksey Gunichev- Dandelion

05.24.24 [Interplay Records]

💿The Glitch (Extended Mix) - ZQRM

05.31.24 [Edge One]


1 Arcade Safari (Extended Mix) - Airbas

2 The Second Side of the Mirror (Extended Mix) - Beyercraft

3 The Second Side of the Mirror (Original Mix) - Beyercraft

4 AMANECER | SOLAR SNAPSHOT (Chris Bekker Remix) - Paul van Dyk, Lostly, Chris Bekker

5 Trust You, Trust Me (Original Mix) - Saad Ayub

6 Dreamweaver (Extended Mix) - HIDE & SEEK

7 Dark Side Of The Moon (Remixes) (Stoneface & Terminal Dark Extended Mix)

8 Chance (Original Mix) - Juan Almiñana Obando

9 Along (Extended Mix) - Mike Zaloxx

10 New Dimension (Original Mix) - Chris Raynor

11 Dandelion (Extended Mix) - Sergey Salekhov, Aleksey Gunichev

12 The Glitch (Extended Mix) - ZQRM

13 The Serious Bass (Extended Mix) - ELV

14 Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Darren Porter Extended Mix) - Raz Nitzan, Maria Nayler

15 Give Up On Me - K.1.2 - Radio Edit

16 Lighting Fires (Paul Denton Extended Remix) - Mark Sherry, Christina Novelli

17 Lucid Dream (Extended Mix) - Sector7M

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